Red Soil Spring

Red Soil Spring is a monthly nature magazine for children of ages 7-12. It is an international magazine made for children across the world.

Red Soil Spring is an independent publishing house that aims to connect children and nature. Red Soil Spring magazine cherishes the beauty and wilderness of the natural world. Visually charming, creatively poetic and benevolently warm, it is a spring of wild haven for young readers beginning to navigate the natural world. Red Soil Spring celebrates nature’s rhythms and seasons, explores the earth’s various habitats and presents an abundance of nature engagement opportunities for children. The magazine is 100% ad-free and subscriber supported!

Red Soil Spring is not just a magazine but a classic collectible!

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Moss (Issue #6)

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Pebbles (Issue #5)

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Rain (Issue #4)

Seed Children's Magazine

Seed (Issue #3)

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Blossoms (Issue # 2)

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Tree (Issue #1)

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Total pages - 68
Preview pages - 18