Red Soil Spring

Red Soil Spring Magazine - Seed- Issue #3

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A seed lay under the soil
Rain showered
Seed sprouted
Sun shone
Plant grew
Buds popped
Flowers bloomed
and danced in the breeze!

'Seed' is the soul of the third print edition of Red Soil Spring magazine!

 What's inside? - Highlights of the magazine
- Summer in Portugal
- The Western Ghats, India
- Saving Seeds in the Arctic
- Peck, Peck, Peck, the Woodpecker!
- The Great Apes in the Rainforest
- Dandelions in my Yard!
- Seed Art
- African Forest Elephants Grow a Rainforest
- Naturalist – Nikolai Vavilov
and much more!

Red Soil Spring Magazine Features:
An International Monthly Nature Magazine made for children across the world.
12 issues per year 
Size - 271 x 204mm (Portrait)
Each issue - 68 pages, Full Colour
Printed on FSC-Certified (Forest Safe/
Eco-friendly) Paper using Vegetable Ink
Perfect bound

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