Red Soil Spring

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Red Soil Spring Magazine Features:

An International Monthly Nature Magazine made for children across the world.
12 issues per year 
Size - 271 x 204mm (Portrait)
Each issue - 68 pages, Full Colour
Printed on FSC-Certified (Forest Safe/
Eco-friendly) Paper using Vegetable Ink
Perfect bound

100% Ad-free and subscriber supported!

Carry wherever you go and enjoy a screen-free experience.

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Red Soil Spring is tailored for children aged 7-12, providing engaging and educational content that nurtures their curiosity about the world around them.

Red Soil Spring covers a wide range of topics related to nature, including wildlife, plant habitats, ecosystems, environmental conservation, fun facts, DIY activities and seasonal celebrations.

Certainly! Red Soil Spring makes a wonderful and educational gift for young nature enthusiasts. Consider our gift subscription options for special occasions.

Absolutely! Red Soil Spring includes interactive elements like puzzles, quizzes, and DIY activities to make the learning experience both fun and educational.

Yes, we prioritize sustainability. Red Soil Spring is printed on responsibly sourced, eco-friendly materials with vegetable based ink and plastic free packaging to minimize our environmental impact.

What sets us apart

AD- Free

No Ads,just


Printed on FSC
Certified Paper


Plastic Free

Safe For

Use of only Vegetable
Based Ink

Tree (Issue #1)

A gentle wind blew
Leaves rustled
Branches swayed
Birds chirped
Monkeys jumped
Ants climbed
Children swung and
had huge fun!
Tree is the soul of the first print edition of Red Soil Spring magazine!
Highlights of the magazine
- Emily's Summer Story
- I am the Bering Sea
- A 'One Tree' Forest
- Is it a Squirrel or a Monkey?
- Where do Giant Pandas Live?
- Trees on the Sunny Side
- Let's Play with Leaves!
- Perch on a Tree!
- The Feathers I Treasure
- Naturalist - Wangari Maathai
and much more!

Blossoms (Issue # 2)

I picked a few flowers
and made a little braid.
I pinned it to my hair
and watched my face bloom.
As I walked down my street,
people waved and smiled.
The scent filled the air,
Oh, my jasmine blossoms!
'Blossoms' is the soul of the second print edition of Red
Soil Spring magazine!
Highlights of the magazine
- Spring in Japan
- The Ancient River Nile
- When the Desert Blooms!
- A Lemon Tree Lane
- The Wanderer of the Ocean
- Let's Sip Flower Tea!
- Wind Song
- A Trail of Wildflowers
- Naturalist - Jane Goodall and much more!

Seed (Issue #3)

A seed lay under the soil
Rain showered
Seed sprouted
Sun shone
Plant grew
Buds popped
Flowers bloomed
and danced in the breeze!
Seed is the soul of the third print edition of
Red Soil Spring magazine!
Highlights of the magazine
- Summer in Portugal
- The Western Ghats, India
- Saving Seeds in the Arctic
- Peck, Peck, Peck, the Woodpecker!
- The Great Apes in the Rainforest
- Dandelions in my Yard!
- Seed Art
- African Forest Elephants Grow a Rainforest
- Naturalist – Nikolai Vavilov
and much more!

Rain (Issue #4)

A cold wind whistled
The sky became dark
Tiny, gleaming raindrops
dripped onto a tree
Birds cuddled together
in a warm tree hole
Frogs hopped over
green mossy pebbles!

Rain is the soul of the fourth print edition of Red Soil
Spring magazine!

Pebbles (Issue #5)

I brought home
a small stone -
it was oval,
grey, and shiny.
I held it in my palm -
it was so smooth,
I placed it on my table -
and the day began!

Pebbles is the soul of the fifth print edition of Red Soil
Spring magazine!

Moss (Issue #6)

A tiny plant
spread itself into
a cosy blanket.
Soft and green
with a velvety sheen,
it hugged the Earth
For a million years!

Moss' is the soul of the
sixth print edition of Red Soil Spring.

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