About us

Red Soil Spring is an international monthly nature magazine for children of ages 7-12. Red Soil Spring cherishes the beauty and wilderness of the Earth. Visually charming, creatively poetic and benevolently warm, it is a spring of wild haven for young readers beginning to explore the natural world.

Red Soil Spring nurtures children through fascinating and empathetic knowledge about the earth they live in. It makes them aware of the interdependence and connection they have with diverse living beings that inhabit our big beautiful planet.

Red Soil Spring celebrates nature’s rhythms and seasons, explores the earth’s various habitats and presents an abundance of nature engagement opportunities for young children.

Red Soil Spring is 100% ad-free! We grow with subscribers!

We work with a small team of writers and illustrators and produce all our content with the utmost quality and novelty.

Amrutha Preetham – Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief
I'm a mother of two wild and free children and a life partner to their adorable dad. My life's most inspiring work has been to strive towards creating a flourishing and respectful environment for my children. We are a 'life-learning', 'nature-educating' family. We value nature play, self-directed education, authentic relationships and togetherness. Everyday, I learn from my children and grow with them.

I aspire to be an advocate for children's rights and wellbeing. I'm also the co-founder of a nature play environment for children, Red Soil Nature Play, in Bengaluru.

Senthil Nathan – Co-founder, Creative Director
I’m an unschooling dad, husband and the principal architect of Poetics, an architecture design studio. My design works focus on land, people and their environment and aim to create harmony among them.

I'm actively engaged in research studies on Children, City and Permaculture. I co-founded a nature play environment for children, Red Soil Nature Play, in Bengaluru. I'm also an artist and exhibited various art installation works in private galleries and public spaces. 

Millie Godwin - Proofreader and Editor 
Millie Godwin is an outstanding editor who meticulously works through the content with a great attention to detail on the language, flow and readability, focused on young readers. She is an editor of children's books and short stories, based in London, UK.

Jennifer Skilton - Ecology Consultant

Jennifer Skilton is an Ecologist with a PhD in Ecology with expertise in aquatic and restoration ecology from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She enjoys crafting and editing documents to communicate scientific content most effectively. Jennifer is passionate about ecology and the implementation of effective management strategies to sustain and protect natural assets. She lives in Nelson, New Zealand.

Prof. Manickavachagam - Artist
Prof. Manickavachagam is a visual artist who taught at the 'Department of Architecture' at NIT Trichy, India for about 40 years. He is an exceptional portrait artist and is a master of oil and water colour painting. He resides in Trichy, India.

Red Soil Spring
is an exceptional endeavour where we hope to communicate to children that ‘We are all connected in the web of life’ and that ‘Our Interconnectedness makes us sustain our lives’. The health, well-being and happiness of our families and everyone around us depend on how we understand nature, natural resources and how we share them in our communities. The knowledge we bring through Red Soil Spring would lay a deep foundation in how children perceive nature and how they respect their environment and the Earth.