7 things to know before you climb a tree!

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If there is one thing that fascinates almost all of us, it is climbing trees. Whenever you see a tree with its strong branches, do you ever feel the urge to climb those giant living beings to see the world from above? Where there are trees, there is fun!

Climbing trees to harvest fruits and nuts is exciting. Big tree branches make a cosy seat for you to lean on and read a book. Sitting on tree branches takes you to a very different world. You will discover many new things: the wrinkles and holes in their bark, the small shoots of new branches, the long line of ants climbing, and sometimes even a bird’s nest!

Tree climbing is exciting and requires a lot of effort. When you move from one branch to another, you need to decide which branch to climb onto next, and the safest way to get to it.

Climbing trees encourages you to listen to your body, take risks, make decisions, and trust yourself. It refreshes you, makes you alert, and strengthens your mind and body.

There are 7 things to keep in mind before you climb a tree:

  1. Find the right tree. The branches must be strong enough to hold your weight. Avoid trees with many fallen branches and fungus at its roots. Also, watch out for broken, rotten, or dead branches as they may fall off when you climb the tree. Some trees have weak branches while some others are strong. Hardwood trees such as oak, maple, pine, neem, and gulmohar are good for climbing. Some trees such as the silver maple, mulberry, gooseberry, and pear trees have fragile branches which may break easily.
  2. Do not climb when the winds are strong or during a thunderstorm.
  3. If it has been raining, make sure the tree is not slippery.
  4. Check if there are beehives or bugs in the tree. Climbing trees with hives may disturb the insects and makes it harmful for us.
  5. Do not wear loose clothes, as they may get caught in the branches. Do not wear tight clothes that may prevent you to stretch your legs. Loose jewellery may also get caught in the trees. Your clothes need to fit you well enough to climb easily and safely.
  6. Make sure the ground is clear and free of hard surfaces so that you are safe in case you fall.
  7. It is also important to know that you must only climb a tree if you can do it all by yourself. Getting help from adults or others to get you up onto a branch is not safe as you will not know how to stay up or get down safely.

Children Climbing Tree

When you spend more time in trees, you listen to them and understand them more. You realize their majestic presence and their nurturing habitat. Looking down at the world below from high up in a tree can be thrilling. And when you have just climbed down a tree, you will find that the chirps of birds, the crackling leaves, and the tender breeze through your hair will make you want to climb up the tree again and again!

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