Red Soil Spring

Red Soil Spring is a monthly nature magazine for children of ages 7-12.

Red Soil Spring is an International magazine made for children across the world. Red Soil Spring is digitally downloadable. It is ad-free, and subscriber supported.

The sun rays shower us with light.
Its light gives us energy.
The firefly glows.
Its light illuminates in the dark.
Light makes things bright.
It embraces us with its warmth.
Light nourishes us with its vigour.
It inspires us to live a life deeply connected to the Earth.

‘Light’ is the name of the ‘Inaugural Issue’ of Red Soil Spring. Each issue of Red Soil Spring explores the Earth’s Ecology, the diverse living beings that co-exist with us, the simple ways to live a life close to nature and the abundant ways to celebrate nature.

No. of Pages - 62
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